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The community is an independent territorial self-administrative and administrative unit. It unifies the citizens having a permanent residence on its territory. The community makes decisions independently and performs all acts related to administration of its own property and own incomes.

Performing self-administration the main task of the community is care for universal development of its territory and for citizens´ needs.

The community organs are a municipal board and a community mayor. When necessary the municipal board may establish or withdraw permanent or temporary, control and deliberative bodies, foremost the community council, commissions and defines their scope of operation. The community impersonator and the highest executive community body is a mayor.

The community office is an executive authority of a municipal board and of a mayor. The community office provides organizational and administrative matters of a municipal board and of a mayor as well as authorities established by a municipal board.

Provided the function of community office head is established, he/she is that who manages and organizes its work. 
Source: Act of the Slovak National Council no. 369/1990 Coll. on community establishment as amended by subsequent regulations.


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